Navigating Knowledge Boards from Gmail Add-on

Zuzu for Gmail

Feature Overview

Besides the ability to search for Knowledge Cards now you can explore from within Gmail. This would be quite helpful when you are not aware of what to search and need to view Cards shared by the team. 

This will help your Sales, Support or Marketing team to explore Knowledge Cards with ease. 


The user can see knowledge cards or boards shared with him/her. So, you will have to make sure that Knowledge Boards are created and shared properly with the team from our web application and Gmail Add-on is installed and configured from Google Suite Marketplace. 

Get Started by Opening up and Email or Conversation

You will be asked to login-signup if you are not logged-in to the Zuzu AI Gmail Plugin. 

Note: If you are having trouble logging in even after getting a success screen, please try opening up add-on by navigating to another thread or opening Gmail again.

Once you are logged-in you would be able to view the following screen. Click on ‘Knowledge’ Tab to view Knowledge Boards available to you. 

This will also include personal knowledge boards created by you in addition to Boards shared by the team.  

 On Click of Details for a particular board (In our case it’s Case Studies), you will be redirected to Screen with List of Available Cards for the Board. 

Note: Please note that currently, card status is not checked in Gmail Add-on and Cards with all the statuses are shown to the user. We will soon provide an option to filter out cards with statuses such as trusted, In Review, etc.

Once you click on the REPLY the Card Content along with attachments will to a draft reply. You can further edit the content and send it to your customer.

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