Future of Work — Will AI be our friend or Foe?

As the scene changes around the globe, newer technologies are gaining more audience at workplaces. It is not just science-fiction now that machines are helping us gain profit and is more efficient than man force. But does this new future of work will prove to be our friend or will AI take our jobs?

Whenever we talk about the future of works, some key points define what kind of working system will define the future of work. At present, there is a system where an employee goes to an office, sits for 8–9 hours and makes him useful by bringing some profit for the company. But this is an age-old tradition that needs to be upgraded.

The important upgrades must be:

A flexible fluid gig needs to be in place:

Generation Z employees are the future of the workforce. These employees are likely to contribute 90% of the future workgroups with some senior members. “Fluid Gig” means positions will be more fluid within an organization. This is especially appealing to generation Z employees as they will be more interested in having multiple roles in one place of employment. This type of economy will continue to expand where professionals sign on as contractors or freelancers and then move on to the next gig.

Introduction of AI and ML to automate redundant jobs:

The introduction of technology in a workplace has made the lives of employees much easier. In future offices, artificial intelligence algorithms and intelligent machines will be co-workers to humans. The human workforce will need to adapt to the change in technological advancements and develop strategies to get the best of the human-computer combination.

Decentralized Workforces or Remote Teams:

Remote teams are a great way to get the most out of your teams. They feel freer and tend to work harder in their favorable environment. In the recent events that have been going on, teams are shifting to this kind of work environment with the employees handling their jobs in a work from home scenario.

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Will AI be our friend in the future?

With offices shifting towards a future work environment a most common question that comes up in every employee’s mind is:

“Will AI take my job?”

This has been a growing concern for many present employees that if AI and ML automated machines increase more and more, their jobs will be replaced by the machines. But this is not the case. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are for helping us and for taking our jobs. A company can profit only if it is using the right blend of man and machine.

Using technology will open up new job opportunities because those systems will need maintenance too. Human beings are essential as a workforce even if machines are automating tasks. Humans just need to adapt and evolve.

Reasons, why AI will never replace humans, are:

  • AI isn’t smart enough to do creative works: Our nimbleness to react instantly in very creative ways is unmatched by any computer. A good example of this is the auto-correct feature in smartphones. It uses AI to predict the words but can’t have a complete conversation with your friends. If you use a smartphone you already know that the words predicted are not always correct and can ruin chats easily.
  • AI can bring out the best in us: An AI system can help us perform at our best. Let’s take the example of sales and marketing.
    Salespeople waste time qualifying prospects, sending follow-up emails, and updating client relationship management (CRM) software instead of being dedicated to human interaction and rapport-building. Those with a natural knack for selling might be able to keep up, but the rest of your team isn’t going to be as productive as they should be.
    When you add AI to this job, the job gets easier and your salesforce stronger. AI can handle the redundant tasks of qualifications and CRM and your salespeople can focus only on sales and bring more and more profit to the company because now they have time to study and learn from your high performers.
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  • AI frees us from repetitive boring tasks: With the mundane tasks been taking care of by machines, the employees can focus more on devising better strategies as well as work on other tasks that are more fruitful.
  • AI creates new industries and jobs: Social media jobs were non-existent 10 years ago. Today, social media managers are earning six figures, on par with the best technology workers. AI is creating more jobs in the IT field rather than destroying them. Today there is a high need for Data Scientists and Developers to develop better AI machines to help the current workforce.

With these things in mind, everyone should understand that AI is a friend, the need of the hour, to improve the current industry and make it more productive.

Where do we fit in?

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