Navigating Knowledge Boards from Gmail Add-on

Feature Overview Besides the ability to search for Knowledge Cards now you can explore from within Gmail. This would be quite helpful when you are not aware of what to search and need to view Cards shared by the team.  This will help your Sales, Support or Marketing team to explore Knowledge Cards with ease.  Pre-requisites TheContinue reading “Navigating Knowledge Boards from Gmail Add-on”

[30-Jan-2019] Explore Knowledge with Ease from Gmail Add-on

Now you can view your Knowledge Boards and Cards from Gmail with ease. So, once the Knowledge boards are shared with the team, they can explore and view and use cards for a reply with ease.  You can perform the following: 1. Explore email/marketing templates and create a reply with ease 2. Knowledge Card Attachments wouldContinue reading “[30-Jan-2019] Explore Knowledge with Ease from Gmail Add-on”