Rise of Messaging apps and Collaboration Softwares

The past few years have seen a boom in the messaging apps and collaboration software industry. More and more companies are rolling out new collaboration software every 3 months on average. This has brought several benefits to businesses around the world. Spending on team chat applications is set to grow substantially this year as demandContinue reading “Rise of Messaging apps and Collaboration Softwares”

Future of Work — Will AI be our friend or Foe?

As the scene changes around the globe, newer technologies are gaining more audience at workplaces. It is not just science-fiction now that machines are helping us gain profit and is more efficient than man force. But does this new future of work will prove to be our friend or will AI take our jobs? WheneverContinue reading “Future of Work — Will AI be our friend or Foe?”

Knowledge Management — Key to a sustainable business amid “Coronavirus” outbreak

As coronavirus aka Covid-19 spreads, companies are forced to restructure their working strategy as they shift towards a digital workspace. With the growing Covid-19 threat spreading to 109 countries and infecting people at workplaces, the idea of working from home is becoming increasingly likely for a large group of employees. In the last couple ofContinue reading “Knowledge Management — Key to a sustainable business amid “Coronavirus” outbreak”

Artificial Intelligence & Knowledge Management — A match made in heaven

Knowledge — the most powerful thing in the universe is very important if you have control over it. It is rightly said, “The one who holds the most knowledge has the most power”. Look around, you will find yourself surrounded by sources that pour out immense knowledge every day. What should we do with allContinue reading “Artificial Intelligence & Knowledge Management — A match made in heaven”

How AI helps in Business Development?

Over the past few years AI is a concept which is most spoken about. Its applications and usefulness are explored in every field of work. Be it assembly lines in factories or business applications in any company AI has proved its worth. What is AI? AI or Artificial Intelligence is a field of study inContinue reading “How AI helps in Business Development?”

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