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Delight your customers and drive more revenue with Google Business Messaging and Zuzu

Provide 24*7 support, improve first response time, and drive contextual conversations that convert with the combined power of Google’s Business Messages and Zuzu.

92% Search traffic comes on Google. 24*7 Support 65% Revenue Increase

Bot Driven Conversation

Save Money, increase customer support to 24/7 with Knowledge Assistant Bot

Automate 80% of routine user queries and save money by responding to customers and prospects in real-time using an Intelligent Knowledge Assistant atop Google’s Business Messages. 

Bot-Assisted Coversation

Live Agent Assistance

Drive Sales and Customer satisfaction by providing Live Agent Assistance

Respond to your customer queries with ease by integrating google business with your existing channels and systems such as Gmail, Google chat etc.

Zuzu Gmail

How to Get Google Business Messages?

Zuzu is part of Google’s program for Business Messages, enabling us to grow with the technology. Directly talk to your users right at the beginning of their journey through Google Search & Google Maps.

Reach customers where they are


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