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Zuzu AI – Knowledge Assistant for your workplace

Close deals 65% faster by providing relevant knowledge in Sales reps workflow on Google chat

Keep your customer-facing teams up-to-date, consistent, and confident with trusted and verified knowledge that’s accessible in Google Chat with Ease.

65% reduction in New Hire Revamp. 3+ hours saved daily. 6X revenue Increase

One Platform. All Of Your Company Knowledge.

Save Money, close more deals with trusted and verified knowledge available in Google Chat rooms with ease

Share Knowledge-bases across all of your teams in the workplace. Let your Sales, Product, and Support teamwork in a collaborative manner to support your customers.

Sales Team Knowledge


Let every Sales Rep be a rock-star with verified and trusted knowledge available to them with ease via Gmail Chat

Zuzu reduces the time it takes to respond to customers by up to 65 percent, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and sales velocity.

Empower your Sales Reps with Zuzu Knowledge Assistant to close more deals and Improve Sales Velocity

Verified Knowledge that’s accessible in every application

Zuzu integrates seamlessly with Slack, G Suite, and the rest of the applications your team already loves to use


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