Zuzu AI Pricing: Engagement platform for Gmail

Zuzu AI Pricing: Sales Engagement platform for Gmail

Close 40% more deals with Omni-channel Customer engagement suite for Google workplace and Gmail

Flexible Pricing as you Grow. Cancel at any time.

StartupGrowth (Recommended)Business

per month

per month
per month

User Seats3 users included20 users included50 users included
Contacts (Leads)

*Extra MAUs are charged $0.022 per MAU
500 MAU*2500 MAU*5000 MAU*
SMS/Text from Gmail & Google Chat
0 Local Phone Number(s)**5 Local Phone Number(s)**10 Local Phone Number(s)**
**Applicable for US only and extra numbers are charged at $5 per number0 Messages***1000 Messages***2000 Message(s)***
***Free text messages included per month, extra messages are charged at the rate of $0.015 per text message Bulk Texting Bulk Texting
Email0 Free Promotional Emails*****1000 Free Emails2000 Free Emails
****Extra Emails are charged at the rate of $9 per 1000 emails sentBulk Emails Bulk EmailsBulk Emails
Template ManagementTemplate Management
Merge FieldsMerge Fields
Automation (Coming soon)
Messaging ChannelsFacebook MessengerWhatsApp Business API*Dialer from Gmail (Coming Soon)
**Contact sales@zuzu.ai to learn more about whatsApp integration and plan
InstagramWebsite Chat+ Channels in Professional
Google Business+ Channels in Basic plan
FeaturesContact Management Custom fieldsPofessional+
Internal Knowledge-baseCustom Sales pipelineCustom Entities
+ BasicForms and processes
IntegrationsGmail Add-onBasic Plan +Professional +
Google Chat BotZapier IntegrationCRM Integrations – Zoho, Salesforce, Custom CRM
Chrome ExtensionAPIsCustom Messaging Provider
Web ApplicationEmail2Lead


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most commonly asked questions around the Zuzu AI service. Reach out to us if you still need help at sales@zuzu.ai

Whats does WhatsApp charge for the API?

WhatsApp’s charges are public and available here. Note that zuzu does not charge for access to the WhatsApp API, our charges are solely for the use of our platform and advanced features.

What is the Customer Service Window and conversation messages?

If a person initiates a chat with you, you may continue that conversation via the WhatsApp API for up to 24 hours after the last message sent to you by that person without charge (“Customer Service Window”). Outside of the Customer Service Window, you may only send messages via approved Message Templates, for which we will charge the applicable rate.

What is template message?

When customer does not initiated a message, businesses can only send template-approved messages. These messages can be order update messages, shipping update messages, appointment reminders, etc. Template Message Fees vary by country. All template messages must be pre-approved.

Are all charges prepaid on zuzu?

Yes. You pay first and use later. You will be charged your Monthly fees on the first day of your billing period. You would then need to recharge your accounts with prepaid credits in order to send any templates or chat with any additional users above the FREE limits allowed by your chosen plan.

Is there a set-up fee?

Yes. Setup fee of $499 is required to initiate the processing for WhatsApp business API. Set-up time is NOT counted in subscription and the subscription will start once the approval is done.

In case the number is not approved by facebook, the set-up fee would be refunded back to you.

What is the cost of outgoing customer support/session messages?

In ZUZU, you get a free limit for customer support messages based on plan. After free limit, you will be charged $0.0075/message.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. You can cancel anytime. But, the number registered with API is non-transferable and cannot be used on any WhatsApp product again.

How long are your contracts? Can I change plans?

You can choose from monthly and annual plan. There are no long term contracts.

Geen Tick application?

Green Tick (Official WhatsApp Account) is a separate process and only highly reputed businesses are provided Green Tick Badge on WhatsApp. ZUZU charges USD 50 for Green Tick Application for your Business. In case of rejection of Green Tick, the application fee is not refunded. A business can continue to use WhatsApp Business APIs even without having a green tick.

What is WhatsApp business API?

The WhatsApp API is a solution for medium and large businesses to introduce WhatsApp into their customer support tech stack. It enables them to connect with their customers at scale to share information, answer questions, address concerns/complaints, and even send auto-notifications and alerts. The WhatsApp API is not an app, and there is no front-end interface.

Is Whatsapp Business API free?

Unlike the WhatsApp for Business app, the WhatsApp Business API is not free. The price depends on the WhatsApp Partner – also known as a Business Solution Provider (BSP) – that will set up the API for the business. BSPs pay WhatsApp to connect to the API, and then provide the service to their customers, i.e., small/medium businesses. Every BSP sets their own price.

How can I get Free Whatsapp Business API?

It’s not possible to get a 100% free version of WhatsApp API for Business. The price of the API solution will vary, depending on the BSP.

How much the Whatsapp API actually cost?

The price of the WhatsApp API solution differs by partner to partner. Apart from the setup/deployment cost, BSPs also charge their customers for the two types of WhatsApp API messaging.

With Session Messaging, businesses can reply to customer messages within 24 hours. WhatsApp does not charge BSPs for these messages, and they may pass on this saving to businesses. But usually, BSPs do charge a small amount per session message (outgoing and incoming) that can range from $0.001 to $0.073. ZUZU for example, charges only $0.0075 per session message.

Template Messages also attract a small fee (WhatsApp destination charges) that BSPs must pay to WhatsApp. This fee is based on WhatsApp’s rate card, and depends on message destination and volume. BSPs then charge companies on a per-message basis.

Why do you charge monthly recurring and set-up fee?

With whatsapp solution from Zuzu you can improve sales and support teams productivity with WhatsApp and Google workplace integration.

The set-up fee and monthly recurring fee is used as team and infrastructure cost on our side.

WhatsApp Business account setup
• Docker instance setup
• Phone Number registration setup
• API for WhatsApp Pushnotifications
(text and rich media)
• Opt-in / Opt-in database
• Default auto-response configuration
• Reporting (real-time DLRs)

Monthly maintenance cost and support

• Upgrades for Docker versions and
• Hosting infrastructure to support
free interactive messaging and
media attachments
• Support fees for application
monitoring, management and

Can I live chat with whatsapp from Gmail Web and mobile?

Zuzu is known for it’s integration with Google Chat and Gmail. We offer your Gmail Add-on and Google Chat Bot to help you converse to your whatsapp leads from Gmail itself.

How can I respond to queries from Mobile on the Go?

Zuzu Integrates with Gmail app, which allows you to respond to your customers on the go without downloading and setting up any other app.

Are messages sent and received can be tracked in CRM?

Yes, the messages sent and received are tracked in CRM with whatsapp business API solution.

Will this work for multiple agents?

Yes, whatsapp API solution allows you to route messages to as many agents your want.

What is message limit?

You can send up to 100K messages per day with approved templates. There is no limit on conversation messages.

In which countries is the WhatsApp Business API supported?

WhatsApp is supported all over the world, excluding Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Syria.

What is the requirement to get whatsapp business APIs?

You will need to make sure below items are in place before applying for Whatsapp Business API.

  1. Verified FB Business manager account
  2. Phone number should adhere to the given guidelines here
  3. Display name should adhere to the given guidelines here

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