Zuzu AI: The Omni-channel Knowledge Assistant for your customers and high performing teams

Meet Zuzu 👋 , the Omni-channel Knowledge Assistant for your customers and high performing teams

Improve customer experience with knowledge assisted chat bots for WhatsApp, Facebook, Google business and much more.

3.5x Increased sale productivity2.5 hours Saved Daily 65% Revenue Increase

Customer Virtual Assistants

Save Money, increase customer support to 24/7 with Knowledge Assisted Chat Bots and Live chat solution

 Delight your customers and drive more revenue with virtual assistant chat bots on all the different channels. Zuzu integrates with google chat to enable you to reply to customer queries with ease.

Google Business Messaging

Provide 24*7 support, improve first response time, and drive contextual conversations that convert with the combined power of Google’s Business from Google Maps and Search

WhatsApp Business

Automate 80% of routine user queries and save money by responding to customers and prospects in real-time using an Intelligent Knowledge Assistant atop Whatsapp Business API.

Facebook Messenger

Provide customers with immediate answers to common questions and free up your human agents for more complicated task with well organised knowledge-bases.

Knowledge Assistant for Teams

Keep your customer-facing teams up-to-date, consistent, and confident with trusted knowledge that’s accessible in every application they use.

 Repetitive questions can eat up your agent’s valuable time. Let Zuzu help your agents answer customer FAQs and close more deals

Google Workplace(Gmail)

Zuzu’s Gmail Add-On brings the knowledge to you. When you get an email from a customer, the Zuzu side panel will give you content recommendations based on customer questions. 

Chrome Extension

Zuzu’s Chrome Extension brings the knowledge to you while the team is answering queries on any CRM or support system e.g. Salesforce, Zoho or Zendesk etc.

Google Chat – Knowledge Bot

Let every team sales rep by be a rock-star with verified and trusted knowledge available to them with ease via Gmail Chat

Human+Bot: Omni-channel Conversations from Gmail

Save Cost, Drive Sales and 🥰 Customer satisfaction by providing Live Agent Assistance via Gmail (Google Workspace)

Get notified when incoming is received. Respond to your customer queries on any channel with ease from Gmail and Google Chat.

Reply to messages on WhatsApp, Facebook , Text or Google Business from Gmail
Knowledge FAQ Bot: Automate FAQs

Save 🤑 Money, increase customer support to 24/7 on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Google Business messages

Create Bit-size knowledge from website, documents or software systems in minutes. Provide customers with immediate answers to common questions to free up your human agents for more complicated tasks.

Reply to FAQs with FAQ Bot

Connect the tools you already love

Amplify your team’s productivity by integrating with your Favorite tools

Our People make the difference

Customer experience optimized for success. From implementation to full adoption, we ensure you get the most out of Zuzu

World-class Support

Our friendly team is available for your support 24*6. We are just a phone call or an email away

Training & Resources

Weekly resources designed to help you get the most out of Zuzu AI

Education from Zuzu

We’ll teach your team how to master the craft of customer service

Effortlessly Share Knowledge within your Team and your Clients


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Delaware, 19709, USA 

Sales: sales@zuzu.ai  

Support: support@zuzu.ai 
US: +1 (669) 800-1230,

 TOLL-FREE +1 (855) 800-6345, 

INDIA: 91-9561136785

UK: +44 1233 800-101

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