Zuzu AI: AI-Powered Knowledge assistant for your workplace ⚡

Meet Zuzu 👋, AI-Powered Knowledge assistant for your workplace

Enhance your  Google Workspace suite with AI-powered Assistants for customer-facing teams to achieve 10X team productivity & Collaboration

🏆 3.5x Increased productivity .  2.5 hours Saved Daily . 💰 65% Revenue Increase

Tailored to maximize revenue and close deals 10X faster for marketing and sales teams

🔗AI Content Generator

Instantly Generate High Quality Copy For Emails, Ads, Websites, Listings, Blogs & More with Zuzu AI from Google Chat & Gmail

🤔 Knowledge Assistant

Add knowledge from semi-structured content, including FAQ, manuals, and documents. Get knowledge recommendation in Chat and Email platform in seconds

Unlock the power of AI from Google Workspace

Have a natural conversation with AI that feels surprisingly human. Simply ask your friendly AI chatbot to generate ideas, revise your content, answer questions and even make you laugh

Write better emails with AI content recommendation in context of email

Native Google Workplace add-on and Chat Apps

Zuzu has native Google workplace add-on & chat apps, which provides AI in your team’s workflow.

Desktop & Mobile support

Access Zuzu AI from mobile or web, it resides inside your Gmail suite.

Work from any browser

No dependency on browser, directly access Zuzu from Gmail

Unlock the Power of AI in your workplace

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